Posted by: JenLuecht | May 7, 2015

We are who votes, for those who have kept their promises.

We’ve heard over and over that an authentic brand is more than just a name – it is the heart and soul of the brand promise, the brand DNA.

In 1903, two crusty loggers worked with an infamous local brewer to open a beer parlor and gambling hall in NW Portland. The hall was an immediate success and gained popularity among many, including those en route to the 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition. Over 100 years later – after making it through prohibition (and being granted the first liquor license in the state of Oregon) – this tasty neighborhood joint is once again making news, in a battle over brand ownership.


Besaw’s at brunch, including the over 100 year-old wooden bar.

Besaw’s is slated to close its doors on May 29, after which both the owner and developer have said they plan to re-open a version of the local joint. C.E. John (the developer) may own the Besaw’s brand name as matter of trademark law, but are they missing the point?

In his guest opinion essay in the Portland Business Journal, David Howitt says that it is his experience that C.E John will fail:

“Not because they are developers and not because growth is bad, but because they fell prey to their own arrogance and lack of understanding of the most important thing – us, the consumer. We are who votes, with our dollars, for those things that we love and believe in, and for people who have kept their promises.”

So…who will you vote for?

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