Posted by: slee3324 | May 29, 2012

Four social media strategy tips from Discovery Channel

I came across a blog post by Brian Solis who featured the Discovery Channel’s social media strategy. They have an impressive following and reported, as of April 2012 having 59 million likes across approximately 75 active Facebook pages; on Twitter they have 3.5 million followers across 21 accounts. They claim their Facebook presence increases by nearly two million likes a month and that growth has largely occurred organically with minimal directed ad buys aimed at building their social audience.

So, how do you they do it?

Following are four important key findings from Discovery Channel as being integral to their social media success:

  1. Develop a multi-disciplinary social media strategy by a centralized team that is integrated with communications, marketing, digital media and many other internal teams.
  2. Engage in early cross-functional brainstorming and strategy meetings to ensure that they are maximizing the potential of social media to support other teams’ strategies.
  3. Engagement metrics are the numbers they are most focused on. Comments, shares, and likes measure the important relationship with audiences. The number of friends and followers is meaningless if they are not actually interacting with those fans.
  4. Last but not least (actually probably of most importance), they do not underfund or understaff their social media teams.

To read the entire blog post, visit

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