Posted by: carebear | May 28, 2012

I am going to write a darn good blog post!

Being new to this blogging thing, I often find myself reflecting on past posts wanting more.  Not that I don’t deserve excellent marks…hint…hint, but that they just don’t seem interesting enough.

Well, Jon is going to help me fix that!  I stumbled upon an interesting resource, as it relates to blogging, Jon Morrow’s Boost Blog Traffic website. Not only is he going to personally coach me towards writing the blog post of my dreams (well, not exactly personally), but he does it in such a charming way.  One read through the “About” section of his site and I was hooked.  He has built his successful career in web communications solely using voice recognition software because muscular dystrophy has limited his movement to only his face.  Inspirational, right?  And look at this welcome e-mail…who could resist this guy?

To: Carrie, From: Jon

Awesome, you made it. Thanks for joining us.

The good news?

Now that you’re a subscriber, you’re officially 241% cooler than everyone else. More good looking too.

Okay, not really, but you are about to become one of the most well-informed bloggers on the web. Here’s what to expect:

From here on out, you’ll be receiving a new article every week or so. Periodically, we’ll also have webinars, podcasts, and a few other surprise goodies.

You don’t have to do anything to get them. They’ll arrive automatically in your inbox.

Assuming, of course, our emails don’t get caught in your spam filter. Not that we’ll be sending you spam, of course. Sometimes, spam filters are just mean-spirited.

(We suspect it’s because they are jealous of your newfound coolness and good looks.)

But you can solve this problem permanently by “whitelisting” For directions on how to do that in Gmail, click here.

Also, be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook for more cool resources on how you can grow your blog. Here are the links:

Facebook Link

Twitter Link

Talk to you soon,


Well, I am hoping you and I will see a noticeable difference in my posts ahead.  I guess I shouldn’t have shared my secret. I could have been top of the class in blog posting…


  1. Thanks Carrie! I love this! In my new position with Prichard, I’ll be blogging consistently and I’m so looking forward to getting to write for my job! (Although, maybe I should consider using less exclamation points).

  2. Thanks Jessica! Interesting that you point out the over-use of exclamation points. I too realized I might be a little over zealous in my utilization of this particular punctuation. But of course, not until after I posted this…

  3. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “using exclamation marks are like laughing at your own joke.”

    Just eight months ago everyone was freaking out about their first blog post about media effects according to Ruggiero. Those were some painful posts. Isn’t it amazing how far everyone has come with blogging? I wonder how many of us will keep it up after it is no longer a requirement? Or who will now consider it as a tool when developing communication plans?

    By the way Carrie, your post were always pretty solid and you were already 241% cooler than everyone else.

    Blog on!

  4. F. Scott Fitzgerald once said that, “using exclamation marks were like laughing at your own jokes.”

    Isn’t amazing how far everyone has come with blogging. Remember just eight short months ago and that first post on media effects according to Ruggiero? Those were some painful posts.

    I wonder how many of us will now add blogging to our arsenal of tools we use professionally or even for fun.

    By the way Carrie, your posts were already pretty strong and you were already 241 percent cooler than everyone else.

    • Thanks for the comment lmbshepard and the quote that will forever haunt me each time I am tempted to use an exclamation point.

  5. Some of us may have come farther than others Laura! I still am not comfortable with blogging. I do it with a smile on my face (kind of), but it still feels awkward. But, blogging is only the beginning…

    Facebook?I’m a stalker. I almost never post and have a very limited set of friends. I have noticed that I am starting to instinctively check FB every day now, which I never did before. I’m not sure why, because it’s not as though there is a lot of content from my limited friend list to see!

    Then there is LinkedIn. Yes, I have an account. No, I haven’t been in it in probably two years. Yes, I know that is bad. No, I will not update it at least before July 14th. By then, I figure maybe I will have caught up on enough sleep to want to pull this computer out for “fun” (aka anything but homework.)

    It doesn’t stop there, though. Mashable put out a scary (to me) infographic today that goes through all the major and not-so-major social media companies. I hadn’t even heard of half of them, and of those I had, there were a few shockers.

    Who knew that Club Penguin had almost 100 times the number of employees as reddit and 10 times the number as Foursquare?

    Pinterest has been around since 2010 (though it seems more like just a few months), but has more users than Spotify, which has been around for six years?

    And what is up with Word Press that it hasn’t figured out that these things that control our lives shouldn’t show up as misspellings? It, apparently, can’t keep up either.

    I need a nap.

    • bahughes13, Thanks for the comment and for sharing the great info graphic.

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