Posted by: carebear | May 21, 2012

Blast from the past…media convergence!

Today I came across a blog post about a new 10 part web series created by die-hard Harry Potter fans.  The famous tales inspired this fan fiction but it is actually a brand new story created and produced by a group of imaginative fanatics.

Not only were these young people creative in their production, but they’ve also employed a bit of a communications strategy to raise awareness, engage with viewers, and create loyal fans. Their Facebook page was just created in March and already has over 1200 likes. They’ve been getting the attention of the folks at, the biggest Harry Potter fan site with a very successful Facebook page garnering over 176,000 likes. They are engaging with their audience on twitter, even helping lead them through the mystery of their tale with a modest 400 followers.  And, for an amateur “film,” I’d say this production looks pretty good.  These “kids” are doing a good job of leveraging some of the tools of social media they have at their fingertips to ensure their hard work gets noticed.

Blog post and link to the trailer:

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