Posted by: bahughes13 | April 19, 2012

Google & Facebook at it again

As we talk about doing the research that lays the foundation for our marketing plans, two of the bigwigs came out with plans today that will impact how people like us do our work in the future. Facebook announced that it will add functionality to its ad management platform that goes beyond the advertiser’s current ability to see how many views or clicks a particular spot gets. The Facebook people say “Action Measurement” will allow users to see what consumers do with the information once an ad is presented to them. This will include how many people use the ad to start an “action” – such as jumping to an app or Facebook page – and from there what other actions they take (such as shares, likes, mentions, app downloads and app usage.)

Google had an announcement of its own. It has launched “Brand Activate” which is a new way of counting and showcasing digital metrics. Currently, Google says (as though Google were a person) that there are three main ways to count online impact:  clicks, conversions and user interaction rates.  “Active View” and “Brand GRP” are the two new products under the “Brand Activate” banner. “Active View” measures the percentage of the ad that was seen and how long it was seen. “Brand GRP” (or gross rating point) will measure how many people saw a campaign AND allow the advertisers to tweak or change the campaign immediately.

I don’t begin to understand it all, but I do know that Google and Facebook aren’t going to wait until I figure it out. I can’t even imagine what kinds of technology we are going to master in the future!


  1. Thanks Beth Ann. I wish that I knew more about these types of applications. Maybe the social media workshop will cover how to utilize these social media tools? (wink, wink).

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