Posted by: Donna Z. Davis, Ph.D. | February 15, 2012

And on to SEM/SEO we go!

This month we’ll be hearing from the folks who are attending the University of Oregon’s search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) workshop at the George S. Turnbull Center in Portland. Thanks to Kent Lewis, President of Anvil Meida and Hallie Janssen, CEO at Anvil for their inspiring and informative presentations last Saturday! Looking forward to the insights of ISITE Design, Bing and Google during our next two Saturdays.


  1. One thing that I know many websites utilize are QR codes. That’s why this post from Mashable caught my eye: they are that in 5 years they will be obsolete and instead replaced with mobile visual search (MVS). Apparently, less than 5% of Americans have actually scanned a QR code.


  2. I’m one of those SEO students, and that first class lecture by Kent and Hallie was both fascinating and mind-boggling. It was not easy to keep up with all the new concepts.

    That said, no sooner did I collapse at home then a new job came my way that cries out for SEO. I’ll be part of a team that helps a manufacturing company introduce a new product, a heavy-duty B2B item that will be launched in conjunction with a trade show and include media work, its own mini-site and many other elements. This is like the voice of god reaching out to tell me to pay more attention. And so, I will.


  3. It was great to here from Kent and Hallie about the agency side of the SEO equation. Really looking forward to the Bing and Google perspective from the search engine side.

  4. After the first class, I found myself looking at the Internet differently. It got me thinking how seo could help on a personal level so I did some investigating and found this article about using seo for reputation management. Should be useful for my upcoming job search. Hope it helps you guys, too. 🙂

    See y’all Saturday…

  5. This article ( reminded me of what Hallie said – it’s hard to beat Wikipedia. The author makes a good point though, Wikipedia does pretty well on SEO when it comes to nouns. I wonder how many businesses that have SEO as top of mind are in the “noun” business though. Most of those I could think of that are very concerned about SEO are service oriented and not selling a physical good. It’s good to know that progress is being made in the area of phrase search. As I did keyword research for a project this week I found that longer phrases were a stumbling block. They make you ask the questions “is this what my target audience will be searching for?” and “is this even something my organization does?” Trying to balance answering those questions with improving search results will be an objective for 2012 in my work.

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