Posted by: mikebodinesayshello | November 21, 2011

What Now?

So, the plot thickens, and McChesney ends his book on a somewhat positive note. Talk of a groundswell of support for media reform is indeed encouraging. However, I’m not sure that I agree with McChesney’s tactics. In the long run, I believe that legislative action should be taken to level the playing field in the media business, but I don’t think that legislative action can be the first step.

Our political climate is one of gridlock and corporate influence. What motivation do politicians have to see the corporations that fund their campaigns suffer? Even if the matter made it to Capitol Hill, how could we expect a decision against corporate interests to be passed? I believe that any progress made in this battle will be the result of changes in consumer preferences. Media studies should be a part of our educational system. My hope is that when people are encouraged to make educated decisions about the media they consume, media that serves corporate interests will lose credibility.

Does media literacy education have the power to change our current media environment?

How can we expect politicians to bite the hand that feeds them?


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