Posted by: lorihowell | November 14, 2011

Who Unleashed the Barbarians?

Yikes. T-shirt Found on Pro-American Section of Conservative Apparel

Like most people, I’ve been confused and perplexed by the multitude of extremists cropping up in the media and family gatherings.

McChesney puts it in perspective when he describes the limitations of a capitalist culture in the global order, and reasons that it’s only to be expected, “Since the democratic system seems incapable of generating ideas that address the political economic crisis of our times, the most dynamic political growth in this age is with anti-rationalist, fundamentalist, nationalistic movements that blame democracy for capitalism’s flaws and threaten to reduce humanity to untold barbarism.”

My questions this week focus on the two weaknesses of capitalism and how we can slow down the undermining of democracy:

Question 1:

What can the average citizen do to reduce class stratification in America?

Question 2:

Can communitarian values co-exist with commercialism in a capitalist culture?

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