Posted by: sdiaz05 | November 14, 2011

Does society really care?

Is it wrong to feel hopeless?  Is it wrong to believe that one vote does not make a difference?  I feel this way often.  I find myself feeling this way after reading McChesney.  I am an optimist though and I believe that society can make a difference.

The problem is that big business keeps getting bigger.  They’re money and influence is buying up everything including governments.  Therefore, they become government.  I don’t believe society likes that idea, but that’s what’s going on.  They influence the way policies are shaped and therefore how power is distributed.  Big business is in effect attempting to buy up democracy and turn it into a capitalist venture.  Soon we may have to pay for our vote.

The internet is an equalizing platform where people can have access to unbiased information and news.  A place where they can mobilize and keep democracy intact as well as equalize capitalist opportunities.  There is hope in that as society becomes more internet savvy they can compete with big business.  They can be the journalist that writes stories as they see them.  They can post any information they want onto their blogs and sites.  They can create communities of other likeminded people. These types of activities can take back much of the power big business has taken.

I want to keep going but am out of space.


My discussion questions are:

Is it possible to convince people that they can make a difference and to actually take action to make a difference?

Considering that most people are sheeple, does society really care that they are being controlled through the media they consume?

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