Posted by: hannakd | June 5, 2011

Strategically Communicating Abroad

I leave for Oslo, Norway in eighteen days. I have never been to Europe, and I have never been to a different country by myself. As I get ready for my adventure abroad, I have begun to ponder what I will do without my cell phone, and constant access to communicating with my peers. What will I do if I meet some nice Norwegian; I don’t have a phone number to give them? A sense of panic took over when I realized this. Luckily I have a Facebook and Twitter, but how prevalent are these two forms of communicating abroad? These are things I will just have to figure out when I arrive in the quaint Norwegian town, well I don’t know if it’s quaint, but I have only heard great things.

Aside from connecting with people while abroad, I also have to stay in contact with my family while I am in Europe for two months. I think it is a little unsettling for my mother to realize she won’t be able to drive two hours to see me, or be able to call me whenever she wants, but she will get over it. I have decided to not take my computer with me, due to the fact I will only be there for two months, and I will have access to an iPad, which will be nice, that way I can start a blog. I am thinking that my main form of communication with all my friends and family in America will be my blog, so hopefully I will be diligent when it comes to updating it.

I am interested in finding out how I will actually communicate with the people I meet while abroad, and also the people that want to know what kind of adventures I am getting into back at home. Regardless, I am thoroughly excited to see what role social media plays in the way of communication in Norway, and the numerous other countries I will be visiting.


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