Posted by: hwsmith | June 5, 2011

Industry “First”

Surprisingly Snoop Dogg comes up with a new way to discount fragrance using social media. Snoop’s main page “Snoop’s Deal of The Day” links to a “Shop Snoop Now” site that connects to the F-commerce site. On this site the entire line of FragranceRebel products are available to be “liked” and discounted (one product a day is available for the program.)  The cost of fragrance actually gets cheaper as more people “like” the product on Facebook. Snoop Dogg himself has nearly 10 million Facebook fans who will bring the cost of the product down by “liking” it daily.

This past Friday, Snoop released the product BOD Man Really Ripped Abs Fragrance Body Spray. The product, which is sold for $7.99 originally, went down to $7.20 when it got 100 “likes.” Snoop caps the discount off once the product reaches a 30% discount or 300 “likes.”

Who would have guessed Snoop Dogg would strategically communicate and come up with a new way to market himself as well as a product. He has now developed an “industry first,” seeing that he is the only person to use “likes” on Facebook to discount products. I have to hand it to Snopp Dogg and his team for creating such an innovative promotion. It will be interesting to see how successful the promotions are, and if more brands and celebrities use “likes” to discount products.

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