Posted by: deniseschenasi | May 25, 2011

Landing A Job Abroad

I came across an interesting article on twitter today discussing 10 important tips for landing a job abroad. USA TODAY College outlined 10 simple tips that I found especially helpful because lets face it, landing a job after graduation is stressful enough, but to attempt to search for a job abroad is that much more intimidating. So, here are the tips summarized from what I feel are the most important points. You can check out the article for yourself here.

1. Have your resume/CV and your portfolio online: Well, we are already one step ahead for this step! Apparently, those who are doing the hiring are interested in the simple convience behind online hiring. Our e-portfolio’s make this extremely simple for them to view all of our work and brand ourselves online. According to Communication Strategist and Consultant Nate Riggs, “Managers looking for a job candidate often have dozens, if not hundreds, of applications to review. If they can identify suitable professionals who have an online brand and the digital credentials to back it up, there becomes less of a need to page through stacks of paper resumes.”

2. Be specific and targeted in your job search: This tip was especially interesting. Because it can be extremely difficult to search “around the world jobs”, they recommend narrowing your search to a city you are interested in and then changing your Facebook/social networking site to the location that you wish to move. Apparently, this is one of the best ways to “be found”.

3. Search for a virtual internship in the city you want to work: There is a chance the company will be interested in hiring you; and, if they are not they might recommend you to someone who is.

4. If you can’t intern, find other ways to gain experience: Write a guest blog for a company, edit content or conduct research. Intern virtually.

5. Take advantage of social networking to build relationships: Simple enough. Network on Twitter, blogs, etc.

Check out the rest of your tips for yourself, they’re pretty self explanatory. This site really has encouraged me to try to establish myself better online and to make better use of my professional Twitter and blogging. I hope these simple tips help you, too!

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