Posted by: Emilie Hartvig | May 23, 2011

Should Facebook Allow Anonymous Comments?

The other day my friends and I were talking about comments on Facebook. Who comments on your statuses or photos, what people have to say in response to or about them? In the midst of yet another Facebook conversation my friend asked, “Why doesn’t Facebook let people comment anonymously?” Finally, an interesting Facebook discussion.

Way back in middle school, Livejournal was very popular and everyone I knew had one. This was a blogging website where people would be able to comment as a user or as an anonymous user. I remember that anonymous comments became an issue because of the ability for a person to write mean or inappropriate things to another simply because his or her true identity was not shown.

So with this memory, I replied that I do not think Facebook should allow anonymous comments for that very reason. Anonymous comments give people the opportunity to say things they would not have the guts to say in person. Some of my friends agreed with what I said but others felt that every person had the right to say what he or she feels and allowing anonymous comments would grant that.

Is there a way to appropriately have anonymous comments? Is it an issue that anonymous comments are not available on Facebook?

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