Posted by: madisonbalk | May 23, 2011

More Jobs Lost Due to Technology

Service with a smile? Not anymore…

In the UK, many McDonalds have now adopted  touch screen computers that will replace cashiers. These self-service machines will allow customers to order and pick up their own food without the help from sales representatives. Over 7,000 McDonalds locations will employ this new process.

We all know that through the growing use of technology, face-to-face interaction and communication is becoming less and less prevalent in society. Countless of jobs have already been lost because humans are being replaced with computers. What will this amount to in future generations? Will all human jobs be replaced?


  1. That’s so weird! It reminds me of those terrible automated customer service lines. I can never understand what category my question falls into, and they can never understand if I’m saying “yes” or “no.” It’s so annoying! I can’t imagine having technical difficulties with a computer when you’re rushing through the McDonalds line. Maybe that’s just another reason you should never eat a McDonalds… The 7,000 stores seems like so many stores though. Where did you find out about this?

  2. How sad to keep distancing ourselves away from interacting with each other face to face.Social skills are becoming obsolete.

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