Posted by: madisonbalk | May 23, 2011

Interesting Yet Important Concept…

Have you ever thought about the importance of social media during natural disasters? According to an article by the Claims Journal, the National Hurricane Center hopes to increase Facebook activity when there is a disaster on the rise. This concept of a social media site for hurricanes is very interesting, for not everyone automatically associates Facebook with tragedies.

The NHC urges that other national emergency centers apply this same strategy in order to make sure that everyone is safe and in control. They suggest that in times of natural disasters, citizens should affiliate their “statuses” with their actual safety status. If someone is in desperate need of assistance, it will be easier to make known if online.

This brings up a very important question, however; if there is a natural disaster, how can citizens be sure that their internet is working? Although this plan has some minor inaccuracies, emergency centers must be aware that not everyone who is “not okay” will have access to the internet and Facebook.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has set up over 16 Twitter accounts, and with this people can be even more prepared and updated in case of a disaster in their city.

Social Media. Although it is used primarily for recreation, as we move even further into the age of technology we begin to see more of its important uses.

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