Posted by: Dana Nicholson | May 8, 2011

Brand Loyalty: Creating a Lifestyle

Brand loyalty means more than just picking your favorite product off the shelves now.  With the uses of social media and modern technology it is much easier for brands to create emotional attachments to their products.  Once a brand can work its way into a consumer’s heart, they will be there forever.  Take Apple for example.  It is no secret that Apple has a huge following, and with its wide variety of products from computers, phones, and personal tablets it is easy for customers to shape their technical lives around Apple products.  For many Apple is more than just a computer, it sends a message about who they are.  They feel as though their brand choice contributes to their own personal brand.  Apple sends the message that you are creative and perhaps a “genius”.  People choose the Apple brand because it influences their lifestyles in a way that they like.

Everyone has the products that they swear by, whether it be a computer or cosmetic brand. The women in my family are completely loyal to Bare Minerals Cosmetics.  For us it is more than just a mineral line of makeup, it’s a family thing.  I love knowing that if I am running low on something I can steal some from my mom and my sister.  We also love the natural aspect of the line.  It makes us feel natural because it looks natural.  My mom in particular is so obsessed with Bare Essentials that she believes that the company’s founder is her best friend. That is the key to brand loyalty.  Making people like my mom feel like she has a relationship with the brand.  Once the brand has a deep meaning in the minds of consumers, then the customer’s will make choices based around what your brand has to offer.  Strong brand loyalty can really influence a person’s lifestyle and create a customer for a lifetime.



  1. I think brand loyalty is an interesting topic in the lifestyles of consumers. Your Apple and cosmetic examples are spot on. I think Starbucks is another company where customers are loyal to the brand for life. From a marketing standpoint, I think these companies have achieved the pinnacle of branding, insofar as creating a life-long relationship between consumer and product. But are some companies resting on their laurels? Some of these brands reach a certain level and just stop innovating. I used to love Starbucks, but now that my palate for coffee has grown I don’t like Starbucks anymore. My point is that even though brands build tremendous customer loyalty, they still need innovate and retain such loyalty.

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