Posted by: hwsmith | May 6, 2011

A New Way to Shop

A shopping center in Westfield London has introduced a new device called the “tweet mirror” to its dressing rooms. The “tweet mirror” is nothing like any other mirror available, and will forever change customers shopping experience because of  its unique innovation and purpose. The mirror is designed by Nedap, which is a retail service company that helps stores improve their operations. The mirror was created to allow shoppers to look at themselves and send a photo in real time to friends or followers over the web. Within the mirror is a digital camera with built-in web connection, so that shoppers can send photos over Facebook, Twitter, or Myspace within seconds. This allows shoppers to get instant feedback on any item of clothing they are considering to purchase. Shoppers can then send the images over email to themselves or to friends. Also, if the shopper decides not to buy the item of clothing, the image sent will link the brands website to the email so the shopper can purchase the item online if they choose.

Although this devise is currently being tested in the UK, it will be interesting to see if the mirror makes it way over to the states. I am also curious about how customers will response to the “tweet mirror.”

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