Posted by: Whitney | April 26, 2011

Royally Sticky?

I found this tweet in my feed this morning:

Royal Wedding Day Air to be Sold in Bottles >> >> most bizarre royal wedding souvenir for sure!

I clicked the link, and it really is a bottle of air with the soon-to-be newlyweds photo on it. I immediately thought that it was a ridiculous idea and this wedding hype has really just gone too far. However, I couldn’t seem to dismiss it completely. I had to at least retweet it. So why did this wedding souvenir make it to twitter? Is just just because it’s going to be at the royal wedding? Or, is it a sticky idea?

So, let’s think about it in terms of “SUCCESs,” from Made to Stick.

Simple? Yep, nothing is really more simple than air.
Unexpected? Definitely.
Concrete? It’s a souvenir! It’s easy to understand and extremely symbolic of that day.
Credibility? It’s the royal family; you can’t get much more credible than that.
Emotional? Weddings are all about emotion!
Stories? Even better! It’s a love story.

I’m still not convinced that it’s a good idea, but it’s definitely sticky. The royal aspect changes the whole situation. If it wans’t royal, it would be worthless because really, bottled air is only cool if it’s royal. Regular bottled air is not a good idea. Take the video below for example. It’s the same type of idea, but it’s not sticky.

What do you think?

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