Posted by: Whitney | April 18, 2011

Productive Social Media Distractions

Does anyone else notice how easy it is to get distracted when you’re researching social media? Every single time I write a paper on the advantages of social media, or something along those lines, I’m constantly distracted by interesting articles, blogs or tweets. It’s usually terribly unproductive.

This year I’ve been using Twitter a lot more, so when I find one of these articles or tweets, I can just share it with my little Twitter world and feel a lot better about it.  I think that Twitter is much more accepting of my social media excitement. Whenever I post anything that’s not a mundane status to Facebook, I get zero feedback, but when I post something to Twitter it’s much more likely to get attention and mentioned, retweeted, quoted, hashtagged, or something along those lines!

This last year, I’ve also become an avid blogger. If it’s food related, I have two blogs I can post to (one for this class, and one for another class). If it’s photography related, I can post it to my personal photography blog. And most importantly, when it’s PR related I can post here! It’s pretty exciting!!!

So, when I was writing up my communications audit I logged on to Facebook for a quick break. Of course, my status about the sun shining had one new like. Nothing exciting there. Then I found something actually interesting! My Ad Age Power Blogger’s page posted a link to her latest blog post! So, long story short: here’s Five Ways to Create a Social Media Audit. I’m not sure if that was the blogosphere telling me to get to work, or to share it here. Either way, here you go! Now it’s back to the audit and most likely some more unproductive social media distractions!

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