Posted by: hannakd | April 18, 2011

Blogs… Here to stay?

I am constantly trying to figure out how my peers are always so up to date with what is going on in the PR and Advertising world, but I have finally found my way in. I found my piece of online treasure that can keep me connected with everything new and interesting in the advertising world. As I read the new, and forward thinking ways in the advertising world, I feel so, well, hip. My question is how can more people get connected with these informational and extremely interesting blogs. For those that do not spend numerous hours surfing the web, or don’t have numerous hours to surf the web to discover the perfect blog to follow, how do we as an online society begin to endorse and spread the word about ground breaking and exciting forums. Are blogs here to stay, or like many online platforms, will the blog as we know it dwindle down to something that has a flash in a VH1 specials about the 2000’s? I certainly hope that the online society we have created over the last decades continues to grow, and that blogs can continue to be a key and crucial part of the online community.

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