Posted by: Donna Z. Davis, Ph.D. | March 5, 2011

Check out our e-Portfolios

I wanted to share some of the great work of the current students in Strategic Public Relations Communication course at the University of Oregon! Here are the links that are currently available. Great job everybody!

Austin Blythe:
Zac Brown:
Kenny Graven:
Lizzy Harris:
Megan Harris:
Shawna Haynes:
Kelsey Helgeson:
Hana Katen:
Linda Lam:
Katy Larsen:
Nick McDonald:
Ashley Sanders:
Sidney Scheideman:
Joe Sytsma:


  1. Thanks for sharing! These portfolios have given me some great ideas for how to update my portfolio, and the things that I should be including. It is always nice to see what other students are doing with their own work – always gives me a new prospective!

  2. Thank you for sharing our e-portfolios, Donna! We all learned a lot this term and we were able to widen/strengthen our online presence. I find this to be extremely valuable to our chosen career field of public relations. I have a social media internship interview coming up soon, and it was expected that I have a Twitter account and at least know something about blogging. If it weren’t for this class, I wouldn’t have any of those media outlets. Now, I have a strong presence on Twitter and a blog that is rapidly growing in views every week. I learned how to strategically communicate and to find what makes me “sticky.” The classes in the public relations sequence at the School of Journalism and Communication at University of Oregon have gotten me really excited about entering the field of public relations and to see what it has in store for my future. Overall, this has been one of the most productive terms in my college career because it’s the term where I’ve had the most growth. Thank you Donna for all your great lessons.

  3. WOW Linda. Thank YOU. I am humbled.

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