Posted by: Zac Brown | February 16, 2011

SEO: Portland Trail Blazers

After further research on the ideal keywords to use when searching for the Portland Trail Blazers, I have found that these keywords returned the highest ranking on Google:

-Portland, Trail Blazers, Portland Basketball, Blazers, Blazers, any current or former member of the the Blazers.

I have recently found that the reason I was able to garner such high rankings for the Trail Blazers is because Google is able to record and analyze my interest and what I tend to search on Google. To prove my theory, I googled “Portland”  on my boy Kenny’s computer (who doesn’t search the Blazers like me). The return search however did not place the Trail Blazers homepage on the first returned search page.

The SEO ability of Google is certainly tailored towards the person using the search engine. For sport fans, the mentioned keywords above are best to locate the Blazers homepage on the first page of returned results, however, I believe that given my current geographical location, Google is able to pinpoint the team I am searching for, there for I believe if I was in Birmingham, AL, and I searched “Blazers”, the first returned search would most likely be the University of Alabama-Birmingham Blazers.

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