Posted by: Technology is changing us | February 16, 2011

OHSU on top of SEO

My client for the term is Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) and being one of the leaders in science and medicine, they are exactly where I would expect them to be in terms of Google. When searching Portland Hospitals, they come up 1st. Here are some other searches I did-

  • Oregon hospitals – They didn’t come up right away but the #1 search led to a directory of all Oregon hospitals, which they are in
  • Medical Universities in Oregon – They come up 1st right after the places stuff
  • Oregon Medicine – They are #1

When searching things like heart disease they were not present, of course I did not scroll through all of the millions of results, but like I keep saying, “If you are not on the 1st page, why bother?” So I switched to searching things like heart disease Portland and they were #5.

In doing these searches, we learned that not only is Google optimizing your searches based on your geographic location, but also based on what computer you are using to search. On my home computer for example where I have been doing all my client homework for this class, OHSU pops up as soon as I type O, but here while they are first, I see a difference in the way in searches.

(Donna, for this post can you add a SEO or search engine category) – Thanks!

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