Posted by: Hana Katen | February 11, 2011

Volkswagen Crowned AdBowl Champ

I can’t seem to stop talking (or blogging) about the Super Bowl ads–which is probably really annoying for all of my friends–but some commercials surfaced this weekend that absolutely deserve our attention.

In my personal blog, Brand Evolution, I recently discussed Audi’s passive aggressive digs at Mercedes in its aesthetically pleasing Super Bowl spots. These beautiful commercials made for great entertainment, but (understandably) didn’t come out on top in Sunday’s much-anticipated AdBowl.

In fact, it was Volkswagen (the company that actually owns Audi) that reigned supreme last weekend with two lovely, and honestly really cool, commercials.

Coming in at number five in the AdBowl was “Black Beetle,” promoting its 21st Century Beetle, which will be released this coming fall. I personally loved this commercial, and am still in utter awe as to how VW got me to think that a big nasty beetle was actually cute.

Black Beetle

The crown jewel of the AdBowl, however, was VW’s almost sentimental, “The Force.” In the Super Bowl, a culture where beer and Dorito advertisements generally come out victorious, this is a huge moment for VW.

The Force

Congrats, Volkswagen. You deserve this one.



  1. I’m not entirely surprised. Volkswagen has such a rich history in creative ads. “Think Small,” ( by Doyle Dane Bernbach in 1959 is listed as Ad Age’s number one best ad campaign of last century.

    Doyle Dane Bernbach also produced the memorable “Lemon” (, ad in the 1960s.

    I’m glad to see that Deutsch L.A., Volkswagen’s current ad agency, is living up to its legacy.

  2. I agree! I was amazed with the force commercial, A+ for creativity! I watched it on YouTube over and over and will never forget it is for VW.. half the battle and success of an ad. I own a 2010 VW Jetta so I am also a customer of their products! Great job VW!

  3. I stopped watching the SB after I saw “The Force” ad. I knew it was the hands-down winner, not to mention the game was really boring so far and all that was coming up was the Black Eyed Peas. Anyway, the ad was a complete blockbuster from top to bottom. The filmmaking–the low, heroic angles and lighting, the kid’s priceless gestures, and the music were awesome. The appeal was even better, as there was a cute kid, Star Wars, a cool car, a successful family, and of course a 0.5-second shot of a dog. The climax was a punchline moment out of America’s Funniest Home Videos. I don’t know how Volkswagen got the licensing arranged with the usually stingy Lucasfilms Empire, but it made for definitely one of the best super bowl ads of all time.

  4. These ads are by far the most creative things that I have seen on TV in ages. Not to mention I am a total Star Wars buff so seeing this little Darth Vader immediately caught my attention. They kept their message short and sweet which is/ will always be the best and most effective way to get their product noticed and remembered. VW got it so right with these commercials!

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