Posted by: hatool | February 11, 2011

Desktop Applications for Social Media

I recently joined Twitter. Before I joined I had no need for a social media desktop application; I used Facebook and LinkedIn and found their browser interface easy to use, quick, and inviting. I don’t feel the same way about Twitter’s browser interface; I find it limiting. My main issue is that I want to view all my activities– my updates, my posts, my mentions and so on – in one place; I cannot. I want to customize views – for example, I want to keep specific searches open; nope.

I started looking for a solution and it occurred to me that email is another example of a web application lacking a rich and inviting browser interface. I use Gmail, but find it limiting, even confusing at times. I solved this problem by using a desktop application (Microsoft Outlook) which collects emails from all my accounts and allows me to edit them with the functionality of a Word document. Plus, I can organize my emails in whichever way I want. I now rarely visit my Gmail account through a browser.

So, I thought – if a desktop application solved the problem for emails why not try it again – for Twitter.

I used this post in Mashable to choose a desktop application for Twitter. I tried the top two mentioned: Seesmic and TweetDeck and chose Seesmic. It’s not that these two applications are so different; in fact, they seem pretty close. But TweetDeck asked for permission to access my Facebook data even when I’m not using TweetDeck. Since I’m concerned about unauthorized use of my personal information and since Seesmic does not ask for that I ruled out TweetDeck.

So – what does Seesmic do for me?

It puts all my social media on one screen. I can view a news feed with entries from all my social media connections, no matter what Social Media application they were posted on. I can also see them separately based on application. I can track all my Twitter mentions, updates, and so on. I can also post to all my Social Media accounts at once and manage multiple accounts per Social Media  application (for example I can now easily manage more than one Twitter account).

I am very happy with Seesmic and use it often.



  1. This idea of having all of your social media on one screen is starting to show in sports. On the NFL Players Association website, they have an entire page that is a feed of all of the NFL player tweets. They even allow you to follow it on twitter so you can essentially be following the entire NFL.

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