Posted by: Nick McDonald | February 4, 2011

The Internet is Out of Room

A report first posted on Wired and then re-posted on the Daily Dog stated that as of Thursday that the internet has reached its mass capacity. As of yesterday the internet is fully “colonized” and the effects will eventually be felt by all.  Businesses who have not launched a website already may have missed the boat because with a limited number of addresses remaining companies will most likely have to purchase previously owned internet properties, which could get very expensive.

As for the average person the effect will not be felt right away but a computer scientist at the University of Southern California, John Heidemann,  foresees the net to slow. “In a sense the net’s going to get stickier,” says Heidemann. “It’ll be harder to do things that used to be easy.” The shortage could slow down your favorite web services and also complicate web services that depend on computer-to-computer connections, such as Skype. With the Internet”s capabilities seemingly reached and no new address space remaining where will we go from here?

Experts claim that because the Internet is a finite system the only way around it is to adapt a new system or protocol that allows for a an unfathomable amount of addresses.  The one problem with newer protocols is many popular websites don’t yet have the capabilities to switch leaving a minimal amount of information to browse in these new systems.


  1. This is really crazy to think about, but completely logical at the same time. I’m surprised this hasn’t been picked up more in the mainstream but WIRED usually has a solid leg up on everyone else, esp. in tech info. You have to wonder if eventually the internet will be compartmentalized by country or something…

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