Posted by: therea1long | January 30, 2011

Twitter Makes 50 Cent $8.7 Million

We all know that social media is a great tool for celebrities to reach out to their fans and increase their popularity but rapper 50 cent took it to another level recently on Twitter. The rapper/entrepreneur tweeted to all his followers to invest in H&H Imports, which he owns 30 million shares and has investments in. With a couple of tweets 50 cent raked in approximately $8.7 million! If anyone is using social media to make money 50 cent has to be among the top. Check it out!


  1. It is interesting to get into the commericalization of Twitter. Everyone else seems to be making money from Twitter, except Twitter itself. Although they do make some revenue from text message tweets, most of its core prodcut is free. The company is building up an unrivaled database of human information, similar to Facebook. This is how Twitter continues to grow in value, despite the minimal tangible revenue streams. If anyone knows more about Twitter and how they make money, jump on board and respond to this.

    But anyways, since you mention how much money 50 Cent has made from Twitter alone, I thought I would share Shaq’s recent tweet about Diddy’s new album that I ran across the other day. See below:

    That diddy album is fire, u a genius boy, get dat new album #LTTP on itunes now-heres the link:

    It makes you wander who is getting paid for what and who is getting a cut of what? Is Shaq really that good of a friend of Diddy’s? He has so much Twitter influence, but by commericalizing himself he is putting his brand in jeopardy.

    The other side of the coin would be that he feels so strongly about how good the album is that he is willing to put his reputation on the line. In a day in age when there is so much phony information out there, I would like to think that the latter is the case. However, Shaq has always been an astute businessman, and I would not be surprised if there is money changing hands behind the scenes.

  2. From my point of view I would never invest my money with someone I don’t trust. In this case, it is scary how many people: a.) would trust a rapper with their money (50 Cent is notorious for being greedy and violent) b.) would make investment decisions at the drop of a hat based on what they read on twitter.

    If i read a comment from him on twitter telling me what to do with my money, I would laugh out loud. The last thing I would do is call my stock broker and buy shares. That being said, for all the devoted supporters (those smart and not so smart…) 50 Cent should be thankful.

    *Side note. 50 Cent’s current background on twitter? Hand guns.

  3. I found an article in the New York Times about twitters plans to make money. There strategy is to collect ad revenue from organizations in what they call a “Promoted Tweet”.

    In a nutshell, Twitter is allowing companies to purchase words so when a user searches for it, an tweet advertisement will show up in the top results. The article also mentioned how Twitter will start to tweet add posts that show up on news feed.

    It was a really interesting article and it brings up a really good scenario about how if a movie is getting negative reviews, the studio can used purchase ads to link to a great review. This kind of bugs me because essentially studios can manipulate users to see a bad movie like The Green Hornet.

    Here is the link to the article:

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