Posted by: Technology is changing us | January 30, 2011

Social Media and PR

I have had this article from Mashable bookmarked since it came out in August. During our class lectures last week, I kept thinking back to it. The article makes some good points in that PR people were some of the first to embrace social media, and we are currently leading the way in the social space. One of the most important points I felt was that the Internet has had a huge impact on how PR professionals function.

The article also talks about the shift to the social media release we are currently experiencing. David McCulloch, director of PR at Cisco Systems said, “The press release’s future may simply depend on media consumption trends.”

The article also talks about how while Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn are important tools, niche, industry-specific networks will be of greater value in the future. While all these tools are great ways to connect, the article also brings it all together by highlighting what still remains the most important factor of PR and that is the human connections that create and foster the relationships. I feel that this is true, no matter how immersed we become in social media, we still need to make sure we are putting enough effort into and keeping those face-to-face relationships afloat.

This video is a commercial for Radian6, but I really like the message points it makes.

This is just a summary of the article on Mashable, I highly recommend reading the whole article. Here is the link to it – The Future of Public Relations and Social Media

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