Posted by: kgraven | January 28, 2011

Building Relationships

Recently in class we have been talking about establishing connections, such as getting people to follow our blogs or tweets and how to do so. Of course being aware of what’s going in the world will allow us to step into conversations and make people want to communicate back with us, essentially creating a connection.  Twitter was a social media tool discussed and my question was, “how can I get someone to follow me or even better yet who do I follow?”. So how do we as PR professionals begin to establish connections and build our online presence?  I found an interesting video that describes how connections and relationships are built as part of the Public Relations profession. I would encourage all of you to take a look at this informative video: Online PR is all about community


  1. Good job on this post kgraven. I think that the video does a good job of focusing on the journalistic opportunities that online social media offers. I personally feel that the social networking sites are what you make of them. For people that want to chat it up with their friends a lot; that’s fine, but don’t expect it to help you get a job. No employer is going to care what you tweeted to your friends on Friday night. On the flip side, if you use the social media sites to network with other journalists, stay focused and maintain professionalism, someone in the public relations community might take notice.

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