Posted by: lalthreepeat | January 28, 2011

Agency PR work vs. In-house PR work

I found this post via Twitter from a girl that I went to high school with, who now works for Bailey Gardiner in San Diego.  Her tweet wasn’t flashy and it certainly didn’t have that ” shock factor” but it caught my attention none-the-less- ” What new pros need to know about working in-house vs. agency –” . Simple and to the point, but caught my attention because I have always been curious as to how the two differ from one another.  I always thought, and I’m not really sure why that In-House would be the route I would end up going, but after reading this post, I’m really not sure.  It opened my eyes to what agency life has to offer, and how it is completely different than in-house work. I thought it was very well put together not to verbose and to the point. In my opinion it’s worth taking a look at, just in case you are curious as to which style fits you better.


  1. So interesting! I have to admit, I always just assumed I would graduate and want to work In-House for a CEO and company. However, after reading the core difference between agency and in-house work, I think I may have changed my mind. This article makes it seem like agency work may be a field I would want to experience while I am young and eager to get my hands into as many projects as possible. After I have lived the busy agency life, perhaps settling down in-house for a company might be the way to go. The two options for a career in PR definitely seem different, one may seem more intriguing than the other, I am thinking I want to give both a shot and hopefully one will fit.

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