Posted by: Linda Y. Lam | January 25, 2011

Twitalyzer: Impact Score

Right now, my current Twitter Impact Score is 0%. My goal by the end of the term is to increase it by 2%! What’s your current impact score and what’s your goal?



  1. Currently, my Twitalyzer Impact Score is 2%. Although I’ve been a Twitter user for the last few years, I’m still considered an “Everyday User”, probably because I haven’t used Twitter to my best advantage. With all of life’s other commitments, I often forget to check Twitter and add to conversations. I’ve got 1,052 followers, but have only tweeted 684 times since I joined in March, 2009.

    One weird thing about Twitalyzer: it doesn’t register my “network” in Twitter. I’m not quite sure what it’s supposed to do when it does show my network, but for now it gives me the message, “Something looks funny to us! Since very few people have “no Network” in Twitter, this list being empty is suspicious. Click here to reprocess @sanourra’s data.” No matter how many times I click, it still comes up empty.

    Are there any other long-time Twitter users in the class that have run into this problem? And if you haven’t run into this problem, what is your “network” supposed to show?

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