Posted by: Claudia Amezcua | November 9, 2019

Step it up Walmart

In Chapter 9 of Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life (Dainton & Zelley, 2019) talks about how an organization is transparent about its mission and values to its employees.

 Organizational communication was made evident in an article by Bryce Covert (Time Magazine) on the countless lawsuits against Walmart due to gender inequality. The response by Walmart was to launch a Women’s Resource Council and a Walmart Academies is geared to help anyone interested in moving up the ranks noting that 60 percent of those individuals are women. Walmart also noted that they have been using a culture, diversity and inclusion scorecard since 2016 that helps provide biannual reports on managers. They have added anyone who feels that they were treated unfairly deserve to have their claims heard in court, but the company plans to defend themselves against those claims.

Essentially, for an organization to thrive they must evolve with the times. What worked then may not be socially acceptable tomorrow especially with the current social political climate. 

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Sainato, M. (2019, February 18). Walmart facing gender discrimination lawsuits from female employees. Retrieved November 9, 2019, from

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