Posted by: alysonlmorris | November 4, 2019

Powerful Persuasion – Youth taking action on Climate Change

The article, Greta Thunberg: Meeting With Trump Would Be ‘A Waste Of Time, Really’ released by Huffpost discusses Greta Thunberg’s interview with Ellen DeGeneres. Ellen begins by thanking Greta for all her work around climate change. Ellen believes much of Greta’s success in rallying so many followers stems from her passion that people see as raw and real. The way Greta speaks and her youthful energy is resonating with people, as is evident by the more than 11 million people that have now participated in climate strikes. Greta goes on to explain how she sees her Asperger’s as a gift. She explains that in a society where everyone thinks the same, those that maybe think a bit differently, like many on the autism spectrum, ought to be seen as a resource for new way of thinking (Wong, 2019).

Greta’s ambition reflects a sense self-efficacy. In Chapter 6 of Applying Communication Theory for Professional Life, Dainton and Zelley see self-efficacy as the belief in oneself to perform a certain behavior. Attitudes as learned evaluations can change and Greta’s persistence is evidence of that evolution (2019).

Additionally, Dainton and Zelley describe persuasion to be “human communication that is designed to influence others by modifying their beliefs, values or attitudes” (2019). Greta’s plan of persuasion seems to be aimed at putting pressure on people in power. This tactic is making strides, particularly in youth, a population that could be charging the way for the sake of their own future.


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Wong, C. M. (2019, November 1). Greta Thunberg: Meeting With Trump Would Be ‘A Waste Of Time, Really’. Retrieved November 3, 2019, from

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