Posted by: strawbrae | October 27, 2019

understanding of Organizational Assimilation

In Chapter 3 of Applying Theory for Professional Life, the authors talked about organizational assimilation which makes me think deeply about convergence. The four stages of how organizational newcomers being a “real” team member are vocational anticipatory socialization, anticipatory socialization, encounter and metamorphosis. In the process of assimilation, the team leader plays an important role.

Whether you realize that when a person becomes a team leader (or manager), he or she can’t help but do one thing – bringing their team members closer to themselves, including approaching his or her own way of thinking and working, personal requirements in completing missions, even interests and so on. Otherwise, when a newcomer got a task from boss, the thing that almost everyone would be concerned about firstly is “what my boss wants?” to complete the job illustriously. The potential principle of this task would be leader’s satisfaction. Therefore, the biggest difficulty as a team leader is to avoid this misunderstanding to fulfill organizational expectations. After reading the article Expanding the Scope of Strategic Communication: Towards a Holistic Understanding of Organizational Complexity, it strengthens my thoughts of strategic communication is a process of an organizational members contribute together, but not only a top down management.




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