Posted by: Sean Evans | November 13, 2017

Chatbots to Occupy the Time of Pesky Scammer Emails

A New Zealand based cyber security firm called Netsafe has created an email chatbot that houses an endless array of responses to reply to scam emails. Despite chatbot replies to scam emails not exactly being an entirely new idea, Netsafe developed a nifty video to accompany its chatbot system that is vivid and amusing.

Whether gold or millions of dollars scammers are overly willing to offer up, scamming is a billion-dollar industry with millions of victims. Email scammers will do anything to fool someone into forking over their personal information, even if it means posing as a close friend or relative by email, phone, or letter addressed to their home. With one goal in mind, scammers will stop at nothing to acquire bank information, social security numbers, or passwords.

re scam image 2 bingo night

With technology in the form of cell phones an exponentially increasing means of every man, woman, and child downward neck driven view, the collection of our trends, likes, and habits are constantly being monitored and collected to cater ads and popups to the highest likelihood of drawing our attention. What does this have to do with scam emails? Simply that our every online action is being followed, as a profile of our interests are harvested into a database to influence our next purchase, Facebook/Twitter follow, and cat video like.

The cyber world is a dangerous place with countless threats. What are we doing to protect ourselves and our children?

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