Posted by: michelleporter02 | October 23, 2017

Sniff It Out!: The Citizen as The New Watchdog of Society

The public didn’t know what “transgender” was until the coming out of Caitlyn Jenner. Now, one can ask any layman their opinion about transgender people and get responses of varying degrees of passion and understanding.

A year later, the presidential elections came about and, of course, LGBTQ+ issues were a hot topic for candidates.

Aside from the low-hanging fruit that is Trump, the GOP candidate who came in second was just as scandalous.

Going back to the most prominent LGBTQ+ influencer to date, Caitlyn Jenner embodies two opposing forces: trans-acceptance advocacy, and a same-sex marriage opposition; both issues that the last pride parade turned resist march were heavily about.

Reflecting on citizens’ reaction in similar political scandals, I was present during the last Trump Free Speech rally downtown that engendered 3 separate counter protests that day. Social media played a pivotal role, as activists have gotten wind of opposing groups’ plans and have mobilized their followers on social media and civic technologies. I have secured interviews with otherwise media-averse leaders via the non-threatening facade of social media.

Social media, a self-seeking platform at its core, enables egocentric content curation.

Trans support.jpg

However, instead of widening users’ horizons, it may do the opposite by blinding them to diverse facts. It is then the responsibility of users, activist or not, to expose themselves, and not depend on opinionated personalities.

Journalists may have been the watchdogs of society for years, but the changing cultural climate demands that citizens be just as vigilant, if not more.

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