Posted by: dylanfrederickblog | October 21, 2017

Our End of the Bargain- Partnership with the Media

It is difficult to dispute how uniquely defining of an era we currently live in with regard to our personal relationship with the media.  What other generations can say they saw tweets from the White House about the perceived validity of a news story in real-time as it was published. However, as trust in Mass Media continually sinks every year,  it is important to conduct an open an honest self-evaluation. What role am I playing as an active partner with the media in our participatory democracy?

In Media-Citizen Reciprocity as a Moral Mandate, the authors develop the responsibilities and obligations that both we and the media have to play to create a vibrant participatory democracy.  Moreover, the authors contend the role of the media is to orient citizens to a world that inspires them to participate.  The citizen’s role, then, is to expose themselves to an open plethora of information and ideas.

As digital platforms have forced the evolution of mass media in recent times, the role we play in a participatory democracy has become seemingly more three-dimensional.  On one dimension of the role, we act as participant contributors in the news.  The most prominent example of this is the way in which activists have used social media platforms in culture changing events like the Arab Spring.  The second side is becoming willing participants in an ongoing cultural dialogue by questioning the news that we consume.  Admittedly, this is the difficult part,  but what we get in exchange is a better and more robust democracy.

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