Posted by: Tony Hernandez | October 9, 2017

News engagement day: Mysterious illness makes for easy re-telling of NYT story

Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 7.07.34 AM

Almost two dozen American diplomats have suffered a mysterious “health attack” in Cuba forcing relations between the two countries to sour, according to the New York Times. I retold the story to my dad, who was born on the island, my roommate, coworker and best friend back home.

For my father, who lives in Houston and doesn’t understand computers and technology, I had to explain the story over the phone. And while he had heard a Spanish TV story or two about the issue, he was curious about learning more and asked me to send him the story via mail.

The other three people were told either in person or over the phone, and only one had heard about the issue but not too many details. With rumors of a mysterious sonic device causing harm, I think the story was easy to gain other people’s interested because of the unique nature of the story: could the Cuban government actually be responsible?

My roommate, coworker and buddy didn’t ask how to find the story, and I didn’t think to send it to them. However, I believe that sharing the story would be a pretty easy task with them. As is customary, I’ll have to use the ole postal service to share newspaper stories with my father. Later today, I plan on printing out online stories and dropping them in the mail.

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