Posted by: Sean Evans | October 9, 2017

National News Engagement Day: Potassium Rich Foods Key to Fighting Heart Disease

Easily, the most important element in the world of news being left behind is our health. A correlation between reduced potassium intake and aortic stiffness has been discovered. This translates to increased risk for heart disease in humans. Foods containing a high source of potassium include avocados, sweet potato, raisins, and coconut water.

The topic of ensuring a healthy amount of potassium in the diet was brought up to my sister by phone, roommate and close friend in person, and to a longtime childhood friend via Facebook.

My sister is a rather health savvy individual and wasn’t surprised by the importance of potassium in the diet, but was happily appreciative to be educated on the list of provided foods containing an abundance of potassium. My roommate is an older gentleman who eats very healthy. He, as well, enjoyed being reintroduced with a resource of potassium rich options. My close friend, highly educated on the topic, provided additional options rich in potassium, such as cantaloupe, watermelon, and kidney beans. My childhood friend replied with a good to know type response over the Facebook message platform. All mediums for discussion of the topic proved ideal in sharing the information.

Health is and should always be a constant reminder we renew and keep up to date on the changing benefits and research discoveries to ensure our bodies can function optimally. The heart is our health motor. If more potassium keeps it happy, then more potassium is what it shall receive.

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