Posted by: timiracobbs | May 22, 2017

Analytics Give Companies a Second Chance at Getting You to Click

It used to be that the value and effectiveness of communicating to mass audiences was difficult to put in numbers. Readership, circulation, page positions, word counts, and impressions were worked into complicated and inaccurate estimations for companies looking to get the word out to the right audiences without breaking the bank.

Today, we have the internet. Every click and every scroll are tracked. Every email address and zip code entered, every site visited and every purchase made (or almost made) are logged in what we now call “Big Data”. But what are companies actually doing with all that data?

They’re analyzing it.

Big names like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo Analytics sell “a complete picture” of customers’ many different types of interactions with a brand. By tracking customer behavior and characteristics, channel performance, and other insights across websites and apps (and even offline behavior in call centers interactions, etc), companies can use robust reports and dashboards to make strategic and well-informed business decisions about how best to optimize their communication channels and reach their target audiences.

Other analytic platforms like Absalar and Localytics focus in specifically on users of a particular app, or group of apps, segmenting them by demographics, interests, and buying behavior so companies can continue to retarget the right people and cultivate their dream audience.

So the next time you ignore a newsletter in your inbox, or a notification from an app on your phone, or an invitation to an event via social media, it’s not over. The company who sent it will see your disinterest in their “complete picture” of you and analytics companies like Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Absalar, and Localitics will be there to help them figure out how to interest you and get you to click – next time.  

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