Posted by: marlenebarbera | November 9, 2016

People Are All Crooks


In July, FBI Director, James Comey, took the unprecedented step of chastising presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton after clearing her of criminal wrongdoing, he went on to call her usage, “extremely careless”.

I spoke to 4 different millenials about their reactions to this series of events. These are their interpretations of Comey’s actions as well as their personal political musings on this most unusual election season.

Miranda, a 21 year old art student at Portland State University,”People are noticing sexism more, which is good but its sad to think how much we can all lose if hate is the main thing ruling the president”.

Jordan, 19, a punk nanny just back from a trip to India, asked about Comey’s actions throughout the political season, she was unaware of him. What would she say about this election,  “People are all Crooks.”

Maximilian, 21, a philosophy student at PCC,  believes Comey’s decision was motivated by, “white male pressure and the Republican culture of the FBI.” Asked for his main takeaway from this tumultuous election cycle, he said, “Trump is not qualified to serve as President, he is crooked, and an egostistical braggart and just generally unpleasant.”

Ander, 19, a security guard  who had to leave college after 2 semesters due to lack of funds and did not vote. Pressed on why he feels that way, he says, “Why? Some sort of man thing government and politics give men a lot of opportunities to be oppressive to women and in general.” asked for one defining comment about the election. “Big f-ing joke.”

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