Posted by: jennagalbreath | October 31, 2016

Sleeper Cells – Ignite for Positive ROI

I was most interested by the discussion of which audiences are preferable, useful, and provide ROI. I found myself pushing back on concept of “lurkers” for several reasons.

First, the text’s introduction spent a good deal defending the word “spreadable” versus “sticky,” implying that terminology matters, as does the user’s previous context. In my case, lurking is something Donald does behind Hilary in debates; it has a negative connotation.

I would argue that lurkers are perhaps the most important media participants. Are not 99% of 2.6M readers of the Sunday NYT “lurkers” who read but do not actively contribute? Those 2.6M lurkers are incredibly important to writers, advertisers and issues, otherwise Donald wouldn’t threaten to sue publications. In my opinion, a lurker is actually a sleeper cell, reading and gathering opinions, deciding if and when to contribute back. This terminology acknowledges their potential.

By the authors’ definition, I am a social media lurker, 95% of the time. I read posts and follow people whose opinions I trust. I have very strong opinions often strengthened by my selective “lurking.” Last night a post I was “lurking” on especially moved me, so I “reposted” it. As a lurker, my posts are far and few between, so when I do post the algorithm places it at the top of my friends’ newsfeeds. I was a sleeper cell moved just right, and when I did take action – more took notice. Sleeper cells have massive potential for movement; Sounds like a positive ROI to me.

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