Posted by: jennagalbreath | October 10, 2016

This is news?

I found my story of choice while scrolling through Twitter, one that covered a topic less known among colleagues- celebrity gossip.

The story

Demi Lovato critiques Taylor Swift’s squad’s body type in Glamour magazine: “It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like…it’s not real.” Read: Taylor Swift’s tall, slender, and long-legged crew is not realistic.

Fans backed Swift and admonished Lovato’s attempt to radiate feminism. Lovato ends up vowing that she’s “not meant for this business and the media” and will be “stepping back” in 2017.


My mom (NPR and CNN app user) was utterly uninterested this ‘Facebook fodder’ constituted news and abruptly changed subjects to the VP debate. My male colleague (follower of all things gossip) later commented he read a blogger trying to fan the flame. My friend (social media, new media user) wanted to see more author speculation and commentary around “feminist” views when choosing to discuss women’s bodies, no matter the type. My 10 year-old cousin proved most difficult, because I realized she was an age that this story could influence negatively. So I started by the story by setting some (admittedly one-sided) context, and asking her what a “normal body” is (“I don’t know!”) and asking if she thought it would ever be okay to criticize other people’s looks (“no way!”).

I know… l broke the rules, but hey- I never said I was unbiased.

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