Posted by: heyschaefferyahoocom | October 10, 2016

Making Russia Relevant

On Oct. 7 the Russian government ratified a treaty that granted permanent control of a Syrian air base to Russia.

I find this story interesting because of its political and military implications. In order to tell this story effectively, a journalist must frame the facts in a way that makes the action relevant to the reader. “What does this mean?” is the question that the headline begs the reader to answer.

I considered each person’s availability and interest in the story prior to contacting them.

First, I shared an article via Facebook. My friend James saw the link, then followed it to the full text. Sharing the story on Facebook was effective because it allowed me to share one article with a large audience. However, many viewers will not read the full text, so some context may be lost  because I didn’t tailor the post to individuals.

I sent a video commentary to a friend who is in the military. The video was effective because the commentators were able to provide analysis on the situation.

I related this story via Skype to my brother, Herman. He lives in Finland, so naturally he is
concerned about Russian expansion. We discussed how this reinforces Russia’s position in the Middle East. This encouraged two-way communication and we both shared our insights on the situation.

Finally, I sent my mother an e-mail. I shortened the article and highlighted the fact that this was the first time Russia had operated an airbase in this area.

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