Posted by: governmentdistrust | November 30, 2015

The New Relationship Between Journalist & Consumer

While growing up, children often find themselves in a one way conversation with their parents as they are lectured about life’s lessons. When children grow up, there is still the respect factor for their parents, but they can speak more on the same level while contributing to the conversation. This is loosely an analogy that describes the relationship between journalists and their audience today.”When the digitization of media and culture have ushered in a general expectation for a dialogical conversation rather than a one-way lecture.”

Since news media has gone online with the option to allow the viewers to leave comments/input, it has opened the once closed door to allow thru traffic. No longer do people read the paper and feel the frustration of not being able to have an opinion. Now, not only can they have their opinion known, but they can add to the conversation/story.

“How do social media users participate in news? Half of social network site users have shared news stories, images or videos , and nearly as many  (46%) have discussed a news issue or event. In addition to sharing news on social media, a small number are also covering the news themselves, by posting photos or videos of news events. Pew Research found that in 2014, 14% of social media users posted their own photos of news events to a social networking site, while 12% had posted videos. This practice has played a role in a number of recent breaking news events, including the riots in Ferguson, Mo.”


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