Posted by: pho307 | November 9, 2015

Should We Let Media Frames Shape Our Minds?


We take selfies in our daily life, so one might believe that if you post a selfie on your Instagram account that it would not be a big deal. But what if Katy Perry posts a selfie with 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton?

Media use their power to frame and spread information to the public, targeting specific audiences and telling them what they should watch and how they should think. But is it framing when celebrities are the center of the story? When Katy Perry sings for the Iowa Democratic Party dinner you need to know she is supporting a political party. It’s not Katy Perry’s solo concert.

If you are big fan of Katy Perry, when you see a picture like that, what are you going to do? Vote for Hillary Clinton?

In 2012, Craig Garthwaite and Timothy Moore write a paper to explain how celebrities make a difference at the polls. Garthwaite said:”If endorsements affect all kinds of behavior, why would we think that they wouldn’t affect voting behavior?” It’s hard to measure the impact of an endorsement.

Katy Perry has the power to affect at the polls, but it does’t mean all of her  fans will vote for Hillary Clinton.



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