Posted by: moosnack | November 9, 2015

Agenda-setting theory, and The Shallows

The latest topic of the class is Agenda Setting theory and the reading that we have been exploring, The Shallows by Nicholas Carr, is about the shortening of our attention spans, and our diminishing ability to think deeply as a result of new media forms brought about by the Internet. It occurred to me that those in power like large media entities and politicians and their teams are aware of both of these concepts, and how they work together, which they then try to exploit for their own ends. These two ideas are related to each other in the sense that in order to “set an agenda” today, and to convince the public that a certain issue is important, any established media entity knows that it will need to transmit a message not only repetitively, but also through a wide variety of channels in order to break through all of the noise that we now encounter every day. However, to address a different side of this argument, I also wonder if the media is simultaneously and rapidly losing its power to set an agenda, because of the large number of ways that we can get our information and also because of an increasing level of distrust in conventional media sources.

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