Posted by: governmentdistrust | November 2, 2015

Spreadable Media Spans Oceans

How many people who have access to multimedia have not see this?

Believe it or not, this by far is the most viewed Youtube video of all time. This video has more than doubled the second most viewed video of all time. To date this video has been viewed more than 2.44 billion times! Henry Jenkins said “If it doesn’t spread, it’s dead” (1), so how did a music video from South Korea become a global sensation?

In a post by Nigel Hollis, he breaks down the top 10 reasons why this video became so universally liked. Summed up he lists the number one reason that this video is so popular is that “The Music is Catchy: The Rhythm is Simple and Repetitive.” However it’s the last reason that pushed this video over the top with staggering numbers. “Peer pressure: Now that the video has been seen by so many people, peer pressure encourages people to watch the video in self-defense – “What? You still have not watched it? Lame!”” (2) It’s amazing to think that this video that’s been seen 2.44 billion times started with one person who viewed it, thought it was funny, catchy, and had some scenes that related to them and their culture, so they put in on their Facebook page. Their friends saw it and put it on Twitter and so on.

For this post to make any sense then you have seen it too.



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