Posted by: uommjdm | November 2, 2015

Daredevil Double-Dipping To Go Viral

Just last month, Netflix took a low-budget approach to viral marketing for Marvel’s Daredevil at the New York Comic Convention. Instead of showing potential viewers what the program is about, they simply put up flyers for the law firm depicted in the series, complete with a hashtag to discover what was going on via social media, as well as a URL that linked to bonus content.

This campaign was successful because it fell into two categories of spreadable media, outlined in chapter five of Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture. To existing fans of the show, the flyers were a reference to something they understood and already had an appreciation for. To the curious and unaware, the flyers had an element of mystery, such that they required a bit of interaction to discover the meaning of the advertisement. This demonstrates the value of versatility in attracting multiple audiences in order to go viral.

Because of the hashtag, this campaign was quickly talked about on Twitter, picked up by entertainment websites, and cemented as a trend on social media. The hashtag remains in use on Twitter today, for fans of the show looking to engage in conversation and share content related to the series.


  1. That’s pretty weird. Do you have to be a famous brand already to pull something like this off? And if so, are you then just “playing” with a marketing budget as opposed to doing anything relevant to the brand?

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