Posted by: moosnack | October 30, 2015

Grantland Shuts Down; Internet Buzz and Fans Upset

A news story generating buzz today is ESPN’s decision to shut down Grantland, a sports-related blog started by writer Bill Simmons. Many sports fans and sports writers who I follow on social media have been expressing outrage and sadness at this action, as the blog was renowned for its high-quality articles and its loyal community of readers. This happening makes me really think about some of the topics discussed in the final chapters of Spreadable Media, especially those in the conclusion. Content is becoming much more than a numbers game, and both the large media entities and the old systems of measurement are ill-equipped to provide the full story between brand-customer / website-reader and so on, in this new age. This Grantland news has sparked an intense discussion between many new media-savvy figures, and I’ve included a screenshot of a conversation on Twitter here illustrating this, and the quest for new, more accurate and comprehensive metrics.


I also recommend going to this link, which is also a group of people exploring ways for the “new Internet” to function, for advertising, for writers to get paid adequately, and so on. Interesting read :

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